Focaccia revisited

Yesterday’s Focaccia was very good indeed but we ate very little of it. I covered the bread plate with a bowl and the bread was still beautifully soft this morning. I cut two wedges, sliced them through their middles and warmed the bread gently in the microwave before filling with grilled rashers of bacon and an egg. A very tasty brunch. We shall finish the bread at tea-time.

We ate late as we launched straight into loading the Land Rover with the rubbish that we sorted out last week. I really did not fancy bending and lifting with a tummy full of egg and bacon.

We loaded up, ate brunch and then set off for Hillside with our carload of rubbish. Gill and Mr Gill  assisted with the unloading and organising of rubbish and then Gill gave me a jar of Raspberry Brandy. It’s earmarked for truffle-making experiments.

I’ve done the cat trays and sorted out the rubbish for tomorrow’s bin collection. Now I am sitting around feeling very much “can’t be bothered”. Don’t really know what to do with myself. I might have another go with Mr L’s Oculus Rift. I had my first glimpse of the future yesterday and it was amazing. The only problem is, it made me feel sick.

I’ve just been watching an episode of Paul Hollywood’s Bread on the BBC iPlayer. I was moved to order a copy of the book – that Maneesh with Baba Ganoush had my mouth watering.

Speaking of viewing, we are seeking our next marathon watch – we just completed Breaking Bad. We were wondering about House, is it as good as they say? We’re thinking of downloading a couple of episodes before deciding to buy the boxed set of DVDs. How bad can it be, I asked Mr L, it ran for 8 years or so and gained many awards. Can so many people be so wrong? He’s not keen on “hospital” programmes, it has to be said.

I’d quite like to see LEXX, actually.

I know. I’m wittering. I’ll shut up.

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  1. Jennifer
    October 7, 2013

    Breaking Bad was an excellent series- another excellent series is “The Wire”, set in Balitmore. Check it out, a riveting series.

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