I don’t know if it’s just because it is Monday or not but I am having terrible trouble in getting a grip on this week and getting going. It’s grey and wet and kind of dismal out. I did force myself to knuckle down to a piece of work that has been outstanding for a week or more. I feel better for having it done and out of the way but, oh my, it did provide me with a few stressful moments this morning. Anyway, job done.

Also classified as “job done” is the rubbish removal that we began last weekend. This weekend we polished it off and things are looking far neater in the garden. Not that there isn’t still much to do, of course.

The swallows are still with us today, flying about and filling up on flies.

Soup today was Leek, Mushroom and Barley. Very healthy and nutritious. I’m not sure how I pulled that out of the hat as when I looked in the ‘fridge I was convinced that we had nothing nice to eat today. I really must get myself into Kirkwall, and soon. Perhaps not tomorrow – tomorrow is a non-soup day and there will be something involving Halloumi and Aubergine. Not sure what yet but I think that these may be involved.

I am grateful to Liz H for alerting me to the start of the SUMS Puzzle Hunt on October 21st, not least because I get to say “I told you so” to Mr L. Every time that  I ask him when SUMS is, he tells me that we have already done it for this year. I then respond: “Oh, I don’t remember. Isn’t it usually in September/October time?” I am so glad that I am not going bonkers in my old age.  Anyway – looking forward to it, although Mr L is once again going to be meeting work deadlines and will be short of puzzle time.

So. Lunch over. Get up and go still not discovered.  I think I’ll have some down time. What shall it be? I was fancying reading my book and listening to music. I suddenly feel like digging out a Mamas & Papas album. The book currently on my Kindle is Orkney by Amy Sackville. I made a brief start on it last night and love the writing. Proper grown up words and everything. Marvellous.

OTOH I may just flop and watch Strictly.

It’s the not eating chocolate that’s the hard bit.

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