We don’t seem to be eating much bread at the moment, so there has been little need to bake any. Today was different – we had some roast pork in the fridge and ‘is nibs requested a milk roll to make pork sandwiches for tea.

I think I’d have to say that this was the best effort since the first one. I used box standard bread flour (probably RHM) and, because we had waffles for breakfast, used some handily ready-melted butter in the mix, plus a little maple syrup.


I was busy playing stupid games on FB (must delete my account again — soon!) and forgot about the bread tin in the server cupboard, so the dough was squidging out of the peephole before I managed to turn the oven on. Overall, not a bad result, but I am still failing to mould my dough such that I get a full cylinder from my finished loaf.


1 – breakfast waffles

2 – milk roll

3- Christmas Cake

Yes, I said Christmas Cake. Yes, I know it is April.


We are having a bit of an outing at the end of May and I am planning a nice picnic. Pork Pie has been requested and I was wondering what to do for a dessert. Fruit Cake sprang to mind. Fruit cake and Wensleydale, Grommit. So today I have been weighing up and preparing and tomorrow I shall be baking. On the plus side, it helps to deal with the egg glut…

Overall productivity on the Windswept acre is well down in all areas. It’s all due to my allowing a friend to persuade me to open up my FB account. I’m feeling grumpy and out of sorts because I am weak willed and pathetic and falling prey to silly distractions when I could be doing the things that are important to me.

Grump  grump, grump.

I need to take myself in hand.

I have  a busy week coming up – cake-baking on Monday, and probably two trips to Kirkwall – one repeat vet trip plus a visit to the dentist (my first in ten years.) Frankly, I am all of a-wibble.



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