It’s a dreich day. Comfort levels are low, so I am awa’ to the conservatory with my wheel and some bright merino to spin.

The Super Secret socks are all finished and ready for their bath and subsequent transatlantic journey.


  1. Finish sample socks √
  2. Complete Joshaqan socks
  3. Finish the RED! swirly thing
  4. Complete Flambe shawl (the blue blob) (progressing)
  5. Finish Hap shawl (UFO reduction)
  6. Finish Aestlight Shawl (UFO reduction) (may not be possible)
  7. Spin orange pencil roving to 400 metres finished yarn (progressing)
  8. Spin BFL natural roving to 400 metres finished yarn 
  9. Spin 2 skeins from raw fleece in time for the annual show (oh, my!) (need to card some fleece)
  10. Knit Catkin
  11. Graft Antalya hat in time for the annual show (UFO reduction)
  12. Start July socks
  13. Start new handspun weaving
  14. Evenstar (UFO reduction)
  15. Jubilee (UFO reduction)
  16. Sugar Plum Fairy (UFO reduction)
  17. Fit in some time on the sock yarn blankie

One tick. ONE. It’s not much progress, is it?

I’m happy to put #2 on hold for a while. #4 is likely to come before #3 and #7 and #8 before #5 and #6… Actually, #6 may be a problem.

I did spend time on #7 yesterday. Gill came round and did some carding and some spinning while ‘ers an’ mine played together with Land Rovers at her house and I worked on the orange merino roving. Later on we all gathered here and I made a roast chicken dinner. What? Oh, very tasty, thank you. Pud was good – I made a white chocolate torte and served it with nectarines, strawberries and passion fruit. There’s none left 🙁

There were other visitors yesterday – from America and one of the ladies bought all my remaining Shetland Tweed handspun. Now I think I am short for completion of the Aestlight. Ah well, business is business. But what shall I enter in The Show if I cannot complete the shawl?

There’s a further hiccup in the schedule. The new Knitty is out. Hunter has a sock pattern in Knitty and it is absolutely gorgeous and I want to knit them for Mr L and now Hunter has a KAL running… So. Do I do the June Silk Road Socks or do I cast on for Mr L and make him some Inlay socks.

I shall decide later. The wheel is calling my name!


PS there is not much else in this edition of Knitty that I fancy all that much –  but I am a little drawn to Darrin

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  1. June 27, 2011

    Hey now, I’m awfully fond of that one particular tick mark…I might even be the weirdo who thinks that’s totally the best thing you could have ticked off your list!

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