A little order, please

I have been, like Ron Moody, reviewing the situation.

Things are getting out of hand again so I’m making a note to self here and setting some priorities for the next few weeks.

  1. Finish sample socks
  2. Complete Joshaqan socks
  3. Finish the RED! swirly thing
  4. Complete Flambe shawl (the blue blob)
  5. Finish Hap shawl (UFO reduction)
  6. Finish Aestlight Shawl (UFO reduction)
  7. Spin orange pencil roving to 400 metres finished yarn
  8. Spin BFL natural roving to 400 metres finished yarn
  9. Spin 2 skeins from raw fleece in time for the annual show (oh, my!)
  10. Knit Catkin
  11. Graft Antalya hat in time for the annual show(UFO reduction)
  12. Start July socks
  13. Start new handspun weaving
  14. Evenstar (UFO reduction)
  15. Jubilee (UFO reduction)
  16. Sugar Plum Fairy (UFO reduction)
  17. Fit in some time on the sock yarn blankie

I think I may still be suffering from Superwoman syndrome.

I think I’d better think it out again!

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