Down time

Things remain a little flat here and there is little of interest going on in my kitchen. I have been concentrating on catching up with the girls in the back garden —  and today I finally cleared the last egg tray!

I did cheat a little and two dozen went into the freezer, in six-egg batches. We shall be able to scramble breakfast eggs in the deep of winter.


I have four eggs earmarked for brioche  which may or may not get made today, and the final three went into a batch of buns this morning. I’m calling them Maryland Buns as I threw in some toasted hazelnuts and chopped chocolate, alongside a little vanilla essence and chocolate extract. They are currently cooling on the wire, smelling very good indeed, and I anticipate brewing coffee shortly.

There is a seeded loaf on the rise,  but nothing special – just necessary bread.

If I get around the the brioche, I’ll write it up later. In the meantime I have more mundane stuff to deal with as I need to get my studio and the conservatory sorted out and cleaned up ready for the first Sanday Soulka of the year. There are also beans soaking and waiting for a sauce to be made in which to bake them. Oh, and I need to feed my fruit cake again, too.

Later this week I hope to have a go at improving my pikelets. I have a real fancy for some. It is also high time that I addressed my Bucket Baking List.  Perhaps I should commit to that Brioche, after all the butter and eggs are sitting at room temperature, waiting for me.

On another matter entirely, I am reviving my snail mail passion (details at WOOL|Gathered) and it occurs to me that readers of this blog might be interested in writing and recipe swapping. Leave your details on my Postable account, if you would like to participate – or use the contact form on my other blog. I must warn you that my handwriting is terrible!


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