I am fairly well stunned. Mr L has the bit between his teeth and is insistent on cooking a meal for my birthday. He’s not a bad cook, but pretty inexperienced overall,  and multi-tasking in the kitchen tends to be a bit beyond his ability. He likes to cook but does become very stressed sometimes. Curry is his speciality. He does not bake and fears flour, so won’t touch pastry.

Imagine then how surprised I am that he has stepped up to the line and committed to making this for our main course:  Caramelised garlic tart with an almond flour base (scroll down the page to find it). Well, there’s no flour involved! New potatoes (Jersey Royals, of course) and green salad to accompany are both stress-free and fast.

It is traditional to make use of the seasonal asparagus for my birthday supper, so that’s a given for the first course – probably char-grilled with some flaked parmesan and a drizzle of dressing. I’ll have some bread rolls handy.

For dessert? He’s making Panacotta with a fruit coulis.

Gobsmacked? I am!

I wonder if he’s up to an almond tuile with that panacotta…

I’ve just done a Lakeland order and have  a new 5″ tin coming for the pork pie that I am planning for the following weekend. Now I need to sort out shopping lists and book the bus appropriately.

I am salivating already 🙂

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