Dinner for two

I was planning a Fast day today but Mr L asked if we might have pizza. He also wanted a pudding as we had an open bottle of dessert wine in need of emptying. Who am I to argue – I can fast tomorrow, can’t I?

We went in search of Mozzarella and found none – it is apparently the wrong week. This week is for Mascarpone, next week is for Mozzarella.  I suggested that a Goats’s Cheese pizza might be nice. We found some cheap and unexciting goat’s cheese in the Community shop and also some Chorizo and came to the conclusion that was some kind of plan. I added some rosemary needles, a little thinly sliced red onion and some black olives.

White chocolate torte was selected for dessert but we came up short on the white chocolate. In the end I opted to swirl a dark chocolate mix with a white one. I couldn’t get Amaretti biscuits for the base so we settled on chocolate digestives – unfortunately we managed to buy Milk chocolate ones when we intended to get Plain.

In the event, dessert turned out to be absolutely delicious. I have been asked to repeat it.

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