Saturday Surprise

Yarn parcels arrived today.  One of them bore a nasty surprise bill from Her Maj’s Government. Rather less of a bargain in the end than I had hoped but I have to say, well worth it.

Sock yarns and spinning fibres
Sock yarns and spinning fibres

The colours, especially the deep ones, are amazing. I’m already a big fan of both the Kidazzle and Trail Socks yarns, so I know that I can produce some fabulous socks with those. I have not tried the spinning fibres before but the Kid Mohair feels fantastic and what’s not to love about any Merino and Silk blend sliver? It always spins like a dream.

I have 3 * 50g of the pale lilac sliver,  2 * 50g of the kid mohair and one skein each of the deep red and amethyst sock yarns.

All 4 come from Fleece Artist, via Colorsong.

They are giving me itchy fingers…

Less inspiring perhaps, but very cheap and practical –


Texere sent me notification of a flash sale on this Troon Tweed aran weight oiled wool – just £2.99 for 100g. I bought 7, to make a Warriston smock. A £20 sweater – that cannot be bad, can it?

I always intended to make a handspun Warriston so I am regarding this one as a test knit 😉

The tension square is knitted, washed and is drying in readiness for measuring and counting. I’m hoping that I find I can go down a needle size as I’m not too enamoured of the fabric when knit on the recommended needle size. That aside, I’m not too worried about tension/gauge as I plan to knit the largest size and then watch it become ever more loose-fitting as the months progress.

I’m quite liking the mink colour, which has tiny flecks of white and colour in it – barely enough to register consciously but enough to bring what could be a very boring shade to life.

Speaking of down-sizing – I’ve been a bit naughty this week and it looks as though when I weigh-in tomorrow I shall find that no weight has been lost this week. I plan to learn my lesson and to try harder in future.

I have been on the treadmill and have fasted on butternut squash risotto and broccoli… trying very hard not to remember the Hotel Chocolat goodies burning a hole in the refrigerator.

BTW – there’s still plenty left in the Hotel Chocolat end of season sale – I didn’t buy them out. There are some really good prices too, especially the half price goodies. I can seriously recommend these: Gingerbread Truffles – there were a pair of these in the box of chocs that we opened last week. They left us wishing that there were far more than that!

I’m not helping myself here, am I?

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