Completion mode


I seem to be in completion mode today. The Mama Janes are washed and blocking and so is the neckwarmer, complete with its new buttons. Mr L’s Vanilla Mansocks are making good progress towards the Socktoberfest goal as well. I must be 2/3rds down the second leg by now and can see the heel flap coming up some time tomorrow. No doubt about it, Magic Loop is faster (for me) than DPNs.


I shall be glad when these are done. They are very boring, and very large, socks.

Will my fit of completion carry me forward into the Rainbow Swallowtail, the Morning Surf, or the BSJ… I have no idea. Maybe one of those, any one. Maybe none. Maybe more than one. I still feel like I need a lace fix and it doesn’t feel as though the swallowtail fits the need. But we shall see. OTOH I could start more socks, seeing as we are still within Socktoberfest. Perhaps I could find a WIP to complete. Perhaps a lacy sock WIP – that would score on all counts!

Yes, maybe that is what should be done. Shall I dig out the Mingus socks? Or the Warning! socks, as they are closer to completion and offer a quicker fix?