I filled another bobbin of erratic singles today. That makes three. Perhaps another two to go. I knitted just a few rows on Mr L’s socks, and a few more on my Morning Surf project. Since I came home from spinning I have been trying to make some sense of the craft room which has decayed again since its recent tidy. I have to let somebody in there this evening and it was just too shaming…

I have also finally sewn the pink and turquoise buttons onto the pink and turquoise neck warmer. It still isn’t washed and blocked, though. Nor have I made the second one yet. I must do that before the second pair of buttons go missing. We probably need a photo of the neckwarmer soon. It’s quite nice, in a functional kind of a way.

And now? I’m not sure. I may skein my spinning. Or I may knit sock. Or possibly more Morning Surf, because I did enjoy knitting on that today.