Colourmart fun on Ravelry

Just want to draw the attention of readers to the wee competition that is happening over on Ravelry in the Colourmart Lovers group. Of particular interest may be the newbie class.

To get our creative juices flowing and bring out the best in us. Here’s what we have in mind –

The Yarn
Colourmart, of course 🙂 Any type of Colourmart yarn can be used. From Cobweb to Aran, and from Linen to Cashmere

The Datesextended
May 20 – July 20 2010

The Categories – The categories highlighted below are confirmed for the contest – We’ll start categories that have at least 5 members signed up. A member can enter in multiple projects. A project can be entered into multiple categories, so you could be a desiger, new to Colourmart and doing a lace shawl, for eg, but you can only win the prize in any 1 category for that project.

  • Super Sweaters – Best sweater project (8 signed up so far)
  • Lace Garden – Best lace project (11 signed up so far)
  • Newbie projects – Best first project by a new member (1 signed up so far)
  • Designer projects – Best original design (6 signed up so far)
  • Shawls & wraps – Best shawl project (11 signed up so far)
  • Weaving – Best woven project (2 so far)

A newbie is anyone who joined this board 3 months before the contest starts, so Feb 20th and has never made a Colourmart project

(I am assuming that the newbie restriction should read “…no more than 3 months before…”)

Colourmart virgins may begin their bargain luxury yarn addictions here: or via their eBay shop.