Catching up, but slowly

Slowly, slowly, catchee monkey. Incredibly slowly, that is, around here.

I reported that the office move happened in the main but that I still needed to find homes for things and unpack all the boxes. That task still waits. I have got as far as finding some curtains to screen the light as we both are being irritated by screen glare. We will measure up and order some blinds when we can. Another source of irritation is the noisy UPS beneath our desks. We were measuring decibels last night and considering the purchase of a new UPS that claims to be much quieter.

Speaking of considering purchasing… a friend has asked me to sell his camera gear for him. I should rather like to buy it myself so that Mr L has a decent camera body and I can get my hands on the lovely lenses. Sadly, we have conferred and agreed that we do not have the funds right now. So – if you would be interested in a (little) used but mint condition Canon 40D together with Canon 17-55 mm f2.8 IS USM EF-S lens and a gorgeous Canon EF 100-400 mm IS USM f4.5-5.6 L (both in the same pristine condition) together with various accompanying bits and bobs… let me know. He’s keen that the kit should go to somebody who will get use from it and enjoy it and he’d rather not be putting money in the pockets of eBay and PayPal. He’s willing to sell as a job lot or split. I want that L lens, oh, yes. I do. *sigh*

On other photo matters, I did get my Changing Seasons post put up both here and in my photo blog (better place to view the images). I still have to write up last Thursday’s outing with accompanying images – and on the matter of writing things up, I still need to post the results of the survey from Knit Crochet Blog Week.

30 Days Wild is keeping me occupied, as is wrestling with the features of the new blog theme.

The many starlings that are nesting around and about our house are now out and about with their fledglings. I want to  take photos but am stymied by our new top-hung windows. I can’t get my camera pointed out through the gaps. I miss being able to fling my windows wide open and sit in my  bedroom”hide” with my camera.

I have another frustration at the moment. I have twin monitors on my PC. True twins – the make, model and size are identical and all of the settings are identical too and yet… they show me different colours. When I process my images, how do I know which is the true colour balance? I am busy selecting images and preparing prints for this year’s Show and I find my confidence is completely shot. It unnerves me, seeing a pinkish tinge to one view and a yellower cast to the other. I am wondering if calibration software is as expensive now as it once was.

I must get on. So much to do and so little time to do it in. One major task is to figure out where all the kitchen and utility room cupboards and the sitting room furniture are going to go come Friday, when we start work on the floors. I have suggested piling it all in the bedroom and sleeping out on the camper van…


  1. June 9, 2015

    “I have twin monitors on my PC. True twins – the make, model and size are identical and all of the settings are identical too and yet… they show me different colours.”
    What?!? I have a problem with that too, but I have two different screens from different manufacturers. I’ve been thinking about buying a twin screen to avoid this, but perhaps I should look into calibration software instead…?

    • June 9, 2015

      Yes – strange but true. We have just spent an hour on the problem, installing new drivers, running Windows calibration, and swapping cables – to no avail. One monitor is older than the other and may be wearing out? I have settled on using the one with my colour preference on default settings and tweaking the other via the graphics card management programme to approximately look the same. Until my prints come home I shall have no idea about accuracy however.

      I too am considering calibration software but the last time that I checked it was hideously expensive – priced for Pros, really.

      • June 9, 2015

        I looked at some too a while back (sometime during the winter) and I figured out that I don’t print enough to bother. If/when i start printing more, I might reconsider, but for now it’s cheaper to calibrate using the screen settings and software that’s already included in the OS and hope for the best.

        I tried to get my two screens to look approximately the same, but there’s no way. One is good, the other one is crap.

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