Battening down

Last night was fun. We jumped out of bed, wrapped up warm, and went Geminid spotting. The sky was littered with so many stars! It was a new moon, so the sky was dark and the Milky Way looked fantastic. The temperature was rising, the ice had all but disappeared, and there was scarce a breath of wind. I wish that I had taken my camera out – if I had, I would have been sure to capture some trails as the sky was producing a brilliant show of meteorites. I hope that we were not too noisy – I am sure that there was much shrieking… “ooh” “aah” “look at that one!” “There’s another!” “and another!” I asked Mr L if he could manage to deliver the Mirry Dancers too, but he said that was beyond his capability.

It’s now a grey, dark and dismal morning. The wind has begun on schedule – we take a 10 minute average wind speed and a max gust figure. At 9:20 we were gusting to 26mph, at 9:30, to 35mph – the winds really do seem to spring up as if out of nowhere. The Met Office forecast increasing speeds from now until tomorrow morning, peaking (at current predictions) at 78mph.

I must get me to the kitchen and make prep for tomorrow evening. Who knows how long we shall have power for? I need to make use of it whilst (that one’s for Gill) I can.

There may not be much baking news in the next few days – apart from Birthday shenanigans, I have Armchair Treasure Hunting to keep me busy. The Logica hunt starts at midday today. Looking for a team, BTW.

EDIT: 09:50 – 41mph

10:10 – 47mph

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