Catch up

  • No baking to report today.
  • Bill is fermenting nicely and is developing an attractive aroma, slightly tangy at this stage.
  • Six couche cloths have arrived from Bakery Bits, only two are for me.
  • Shopping yesterday failed to yield the desired trigger spray bottle
  • I did get Bill a new home with a flat bottom
  • I also found hemp seeds, linseeds, millet and Semolina flour.
  • New yeast supplies arrive on Monday night – I plan to make Brioche
  • I am about to walk out to my Knit & Natter group. There is a storm coming, so I want to use this window in the weather to good effect. I just hope that the roads are not as icy as our track.
  • The coming storm may disrupt Birthday Dinner but this fails to worry me, I have backup plans for picnic stove cooking –  and candlelit dining would be appropriate anyway.
  • I just need to bake some rolls and biscuits for cheese before the wind gets too high.
  • The baked goods are essential – I bought myself a little Chaumes yesterday and I am looking forward to it with fevered anticipation

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