April (already!)

Susannah Conway’s “April Love” series of prompts tempted me to participate. I have done her December Reflections, I think three times now, but have not been aware of this April set previously. I thought that by taking part I might get back into the blog swing.

Naturally, we were out on the road again when the series started – making it difficult to grapple with the blog. I’ve been using Instagram and Facebook to make responses so far but hope that some of my responses will be appearing here as the month wears on. Some may appear over at Crooked House and perhaps others will be lodged at Two Snails. This is all getting a bit too much to handle in my dotage and I believe that I should consider being less “organised” and combine all the threads back into the one blog. Too large a task to tackle just now – I am deep into making sense of all of my images and Lightroom. That’s going to take a very long while!

I have some idea in my head that I wish to return to the first few April Love prompts and write something here in addition to those responses I have made elsewhere already. We shall have to see how it goes. There’s much busy around here after being away so much so far this year.

Will I keep up overall? I have no idea. But here is the list of prompts:


Today is Day 6 and I will post something on the sixth prompt later. Right now I am trying to make a Dragon post in the Facebook Group but Lightroom is not playing nicely (I have asked it to do too much at once….)

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