And… relax

Colourmart Comp: over

Annual Show: been and gone

Commission: completed

Test knitting: up to date

Suddenly I feel like my underwear is missing or something. There are no requirements. My time is my own. No deadlines, self-imposed or otherwise. It feels weird. Like skinny-dipping; oddly light and free, quite enjoyable, but definitely strange.

What’s next then? Yes, I would dearly love to cast on, but I am not going to. The remainder of August is designated for UFO-bashing. And  perhaps for Things Other Than Knitting. I may spin a little, or weave some. I might play with paper and ink. I could dye some yarn, or make some felt. I would like to spend some time out on my two feet, with my camera in my hand.

In short, the creative world is my oyster for a while.

No. Wait. That is, my oyster unless we begin to cast our minds to the end of the month and the Craft Fair. B*gg*r. I had forgotten about that!

Anyway – next up for completion, the second Twisted sock, which was left at the gusset and which I have reviewed, found myself at a loss to explain the remaining number of stitches, and am frogging back to the heel flap in order to put right. Mr L never did get these socks for his April trip. Nor even for the June one. He’s going to Manc again in September – and this time I promise that he shall have cosy toes. All that I have to do is to get the correct number of stitches set first…

Wish me luck!

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