No, not WIP-Wednesday, there is no time…

There’s a man in my attic… and he’s getting in my way.

WIP Wednesday is all to pot today. No photos, sorry. I’ve been busy making the headband to go with the stole for the mother of the bride. It needs to be with her by the 15th I found out today that the 15th is a Sunday. To be certain that she gets it, I shall need to have it in the post box this very night. So, I have cut it a wee bit short, cast it off, and it is soaking and about to be pinned out. Will it be dry before bed time? That’s the thing.

I seem to have had a lot of down time since the Show. Feeling very tired – and so much stuff getting in the way. Hoping for a quiet day tomorrow, and maybe some remedial knitting. Perhaps some quiet chicken-watching too.

Must dash – need to grab every last moment of drying time that I can! I hope that the man with the ladders is now out of the attic and I can make my way to the kitchen sink.

EDIT: It’s dry. And in an envelope. And it looks like this

All tied up

FWIW? I love it.

EDIT 2: There is a new WIP Wednesday list at which I shall try to link to each week

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  1. August 12, 2010

    Wow, that head scarf is beautiful! Thanks for joining (and linking) to my WIPW.

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