A woman of substance

Today’s spinning course was fun. Very hot, though. Very hot indeed. Cake, as ever, was excellent.

I have money. Real cash in my pocket. The first time in a very long time that I have had any money of my own and it feels very good indeed. What a shame that I had it spent in advance… (more Yarn Yard adventures, I’m afraid.)

I demoed plying with some of the Shetland that I had dyed earlier this year. Gill demoed Navajo plying with some of the same singles. The difference is interesting, especially when compared with the stuff that I had plyed previously. I’ll do a photograph tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have race updates to do for William, a camcorder to become familiar with, puzzles to solve, and a cat to recover and admonish (he’s on the roof, terrorising the starlings in the doocot.)

This weekend we shall be continuing the adventures with our garden paving and I hope to spin some roving into yarn. Mr L will be making cake. I have expressed a desire that it not be a curry cake.