A sward of green

Today has seen little knitting – we have been in the garden again. It took five hours to mow the remainder of the front garden, only some of which was completed yesterday. FIVE hours! It’s around half an acre of rough grass and this was the first cut of the season. We have a petrol driven wheeled mower with a 22″ cut. That’s a lot of back and forth-ing.

It looks lovely now, though. While Mr L bore the brunt of that task I was to be found weeding and transplanting plants from nursery beds to borders, and hanging out laundry on the line. Occasionally I helped out with barrowing the grass clippings away. The dogs had a wonderful time. They fully approve the new shorter grass.

Now there is curry to be made (Butter Chicken – which has been marinating all day) and lager to be supped and feet to be raised for the evening. Perhaps just a little sock knitting…

The big question is – shall I start some naan off?

Right – I’m off to wash some rice. I am getting very hungry.

Tomorrow is a holiday. I think we need it!