More socks

More socks?

More socks!

Whatever for?

Damned if I know…

… actually, because I need new needles for Bread and Beauty. The cheap ones that I have to hand are far too bendy and much too sharp. So I have a set of Knitpicks needles on their way to me. Feeling in desperate need of that big hit/easy knit/fast project, I cast on for some Burning Rings of Fire (Ravelry Pattern Page) with some Opal yarn that has been stashed for the longest time…

Been fighting a migraine for the last couple of days so haven’t actually made much progress – am down past the rings and into the rib (just!) Did a bit in the garden today but felt guilty while Mr L was mowing so ditched the needles in favour of a weed grubber and wheelbarrow.

Natalie has come to my rescue on the Crusty Bread yarn, recommending a 100 grams course of action that happens to include the Cranford Mitts pattern. Told you that the woman is a genius – also some salesperson, eh? Though I did note that she failed to suggest an additional small skein for the edging on the mitts 🙂 I am wondering if my leftover Arizona merino yarn would do that job. It’s not one of Natalie’s, but seems a very similar yarn.

And I must not spend another single penny this year. Not one.

Tell you what, though – that Crusty Bread is knitting up wonderfully well – and the colour is really gorgeous. Totally edible.