A matter of length

I was going to say that the Alhambra scarf is nominally 25% complete now but that I shall certainly be doing extra repeats as it’s going to be very short.

In fact the pattern says “Repeat these 18 rows 16 times more (or to desired length)” which means that I  have been ever-so-slightly under calculating, because I thought I was doing 18 pattern repeats, not 17. So, I actually have a nominal 26% done 🙂

On the other hand, the pattern also says “Piece should measure approximately 28 inches unstretched.” My 4.5 pattern repeats measure 9″ so it looks like the finished size will be 36″ or thereabouts. We may assume that this is generous enough, then. All the same, I’ll bet that I bottle it – and head towards 48.”