Busy busy

There won’t be much scarf knitted today. Here’s the plan:

  • venture forth to the Post Office (FiL b’day card and a Swap-Bot swap) done
  • and the Stores, for cake-making stuff done
  • make Spinning Cake flapjacks[1] made, and measuring and weighing done ready for morning
  • make Minestrone soup (beans soaking) and garlic bread done eaten! it was delicious
  • clean and tidy for spinning group tomorrow done
  • dye a vat of Cerise fleece for next Wednesday Done. I might stop at one
  • card the dry fleece from the weekend’s dyeing done – 11 batts
  • wind more cashmere all done, except for the cone that I am knitting from – and also wound 150 gms of alpaca singles (1/16 NM – so that’s 2,400 metres. It took ages)
  • block the “Tangles” scarf done
  • laminate the materials I downloaded from the BWMB done

That should keep me quiet for a while.

I have the urge to closet myself in the workroom and work on a project that I have had in my head now for over a year. It fits so nicely under PS3 Air, that I really should have galvanised myself before now. But the time suddenly feels “right.” If I do tackle it, it’s a large (for me) project that will certainly delay my Sky and Water.

I also need to do my “Air” ATC packages soon. I want to include some needle felted ATCs, and have those to make yet. I’d also like to do a larger needle felted panel for “Air” (and for “Earth”) to go with my “Fire” one. I have a half inclination to make an Elements wall panel for the “Any Other Crafts” section at the Show this year.

If the day becomes any less grey, I’ll try to find time to photograph my 26% completed scarf.

Over and out. I’m off to see if the car will start today.

EDIT: I was hunting knitting needles in the Stores. They had 35cm needles in metal, in 3.25mm and 3.75mm – but I needed 3.5mm. Except, I didn’t, of course. It’s 3.25mm that I am working on. Dammit. If I can find time, I shall go out later and buy them.

SECOND EDIT: enthusiasm for dyeing and carding is waning. The raw mix for the flapjacks[1] was delicious, so I have high hopes for them.

[1] For the benefit of USAnian readers – “flapjacks” are chewy buttery syrupy oat bars, not the things that we term “pancakes”. Nor the the thing that you term “pancakes”. We call those “Scotch Pancakes”. Confusing, isn’t it? Today’s flapjacks were extemporised and extrapolated from the basic recipe and have the added goodness of honey, orange, muscavado sugar, seeds, and muscatel raisins.