A Jolly Bank Holiday

I have been very cavalier in my attitude to the sun today. No doubt I shall be moaning about it tomorrow. I just decided that I was completely fed up of always hiding from the sun and, as we see so little of it, I elected to bare my arms and take the anti-histamine route later. Unbelievably, I have been outside almost all day. That is unheard of!

This morning we went to the Stores and bought an ice cream each and wandered along the harbour while we ate them. Then we went to see Spinning Gill and take photographs of lambs. We helped to move the ewes and their lambs into the big field. Following a quick trip to the recycling point, we took the furry brood outside to play in the sun while we had coffee al fresco. I harvested some rhubarb and was surprised to find the rhubarb is already bolting.

Taking leave of our senses we then decided to do some weeding, after which we sat in the sun some more and I did some sock knitting. Finally, the power of the sun has driven me inside. I feel rather yukky and am somewhat red.

I think the cats and the dogs had far more fun in the garden than we did. They all seem a little tired out. 🙂

I have a number of photos to prepare for web display. So far I have just this one completed.