Farmers’ Market

Today’s “Sanday Sunday” was the Farmers’ Market. I was on the Sanday Spinners stall with SpinningGIll and sold some fingerless mittens and some Fathers’ Day cards. More interestingly, we (Mr plumbum and I) bought fillet steak – which we had for non-Birthday dinner tonight, preceded by asparagus, and followed by strawberries and mascarpone/Greek yoghourt cream. Am now stuffed and quite drunk, but not yet quite 55. (shriek!)

No sock progress today[1] but did get some spinning done at the market. This was quite freaky, as people kept peering. Could have sold the current yarn several times, but would not, as the tops are not yet finished.

Tomorrow I hope to visit SpinningGill, and take photos of her new lambs. Hangover permitting, that is.

Can I recommend Sanday beef? It is most excellent! Truly the best steak I have ever cooked/eaten in my life – and I have worked with good produce before, in my previous existence as a country house cook!

I intend to produce some produce for the next market, probably chutneys and preserves, and maybe some bakes. Perhaps some sweeties, too – Truffles? Turkish Delight? Coconut Ice? Cinder Toffee?

[1] 2 pattern repeats needed on the sock, then casting off.