A day out with my camera

I am up early and I am in a dither.  Today we take a party of photographers from Kirkwall around our island.What gear to pack?  I have checked the forecast and see that a waterproof is not required. Yay! But which camera? And if I take the Canon, which lens or lenses? Should I take a tripod? Do I take my full backpack and risk looking an idiot if all they have is pocket cameras?


I am leaning in the direction of both cameras, with the fifty mounted on the Canon. I rather enjoy outings limited to a single prime lens, but with the addition of the Nikon on board I have zoom capability if required. The fifty has the positive benefit of not making one look like a dick. It is discreet.

The problem is that I am spoiled for choice and the lens that I do not take is always the one that I end up wanting with me.

I am going to look a real idiot tonight when after all this dithering I come home with rubbish photos, aren’t I?

Our island Ranger is leading a party across to the Holms of Ire tomorrow afternoon and we hope that if the office rearrangement is finished we can get out to join him. We shall be weary and it is rather a tough walk but it would be pleasant…

Good news: the BT engineer came out yesterday. We were offline for the better part of the afternoon but when he left at tea time both voice and Broadband facilities were back up to scratch.Hoorah. It has been a difficult period, especially for Mr L’s work.

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  1. spinninggill
    June 4, 2015

    I saw the forecast and thought you’d have a good day for it. 🙂

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