30 Days Wild: 4

Day 4

Day 4 of 30 Days Wild and I spent the entire day out and about my wild island, touring with a group of visiting photographers from Kirkwall. The weather was simply stunning and I spent my day without a jacket on. The clouds (featured image) were really pretty today.

Fresh, Ayre and Flowers

A busy day out and about with my camera left me little time to review my two hundred and eight images. Yes, two hundred and eight! Not all of them were wild though. We visited the Industrial Farm at Stove and wandered about in the bay where I snapped seaweed, barnacles and sea pinks. After stopping to play at an abandoned cottage at Ayre, we made our way up to Roos Loch and walked over the ayre, finding a family of swans on the loch and wild flowers and birds to snap. We then took a look at Scar House and explored Cross Kirkyard before lunching in Kettletoft Village and taking photos around the harbour. After lunch we headed up towards Start to get views of the lighthouse and I caught a shot of some Oyster Plant. On the way back to drop our visitors off at the ferry we called in at Lady Village for the Burnt Mound, Heritage Centre and Croft Museum Here is a selection of wild flowers from the Cross Kirkyard and some old gravestones with great lichen colonies and a couple of other plants from today. Kirkyards under basic maintenance are wonderful places for wild flower colonies to thrive.

Today’s Photographs

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_04

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