30 Days Wild : 27

A day late again. The good news is that the flooring is all finished and I now have more time to myself. The sad news is that today is the 28th and 30 Days Wild is all but over. I have done so little and had so many plans and half thought out blog posts. Perhaps another year…

Yesterday was mainly spent in swabbing the decks. The grouting needed several moppings and scrubbings before the floor was deemed ready for its final sealing, at tea-time yesterday. Nell and I left Mr L to that unpleasant task and we went out to play in the bay.

Summer had returned for a brief visit, the sun was out and the larks were on the wing. With very little in the way of a breeze and the tide well out, it was an all but silent world out there – I could hear distant pigeons,probably in the byre at How, the mewing of gulls overhead and the occasional shrill peeping of an Oystercatcher. I breathed in deeply and let all the tension go. That’s what it is all about. Nothing quite calms and centres me like stepping out into that empty space and soaking up the air and the light. I guess that encapsulates the spirit of 30 Days Wild, really.

Having had a fairly unproductive Seashell outing earlier in the week, I decided to turn my attention to the stones. I searched for pretty ones and interesting ones and I took time out to make  a little rock pile. I got to thinking that it is all about balance, isn’t it? This quiet time in the fresh air, noticing what lies around me in the natural world. It sets me up for the remainder of the day.


Naturally, I stumbled across many of the shells that I could not find the other day. It is surprising just how little change in tidal conditions can change the nature of the beach entirely. Or perhaps it was the angle of incidence of the sun showing some things up better than others but whatever, I found plenty of Spoot shells, and a huge Mussel shell, Faroe Sunset Shell, Dog Whelk etc. – even a Painted Top, though it was badly damaged. There was plenty of sea glass too.

There were no seals in view but we were scolded in turn by an Oystercatcher and several Terns – the terns moving far too quickly for me to capture them and I had several frames of blue sky with nothing else in them.


  1. spinninggill
    June 28, 2015

    There are some curious stones there. Especially the one top right of the photos. You wonder what caused the indentation.

  2. spinninggill
    June 28, 2015

    Yes, that one. Very odd. I ought to ask my geologist nephew about it. 🙂

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