All things must end

We are back into our normal routine today and I must say that it feels very strange to be sat around at a desk and not to be doing physical things. It’s not all plain sailing and there is still a deal of extra work being done in carrying washing up about the place! Today I have been sorting washing and now have a queue of eight sorted piles on the utility room floor. When Mr L finishes work for the day we are going to bring the washer in (if the rain holds off). He is hoping to bring the dishwasher in too but that I am far less concerned about. Matalan have let me down and we still await our emergency underwear supplies! I confess to wearing my very last pair today… the ones with the dodgy elastic. The situation is dire.

I had been looking forward to going spinning today for the first time in weeks but alas group is cancelled for the summer now. This meant that when Mr L had his meeting this afternoon, Nell and I had to go and be busy elsewhere for a while.

The Monday Outlook shot (and the rubbish collection) was done on time today and all is feeling quite ordinary. I have almost emptied the campervan of the day-to-day items that had been moved on for the duration of the DIY project.

For 30 Days Wild today I stalked a Raven, sitting on my chimney, but he was a wise old bird and saw me coming and I only managed to sneak a distant shot of his flying away. Perhaps he had become impatient in waiting for me to leave the rubbish bags unguarded.


One thing that is decidedly not ordinary is the absence of one of our Cochins. She was very unwell yesterday and Mr L called me to see her, saying he thought she was on her last legs. We stood there for a while, discussing the best way to dispatch her and which of us was going to do it… when happily, or unhappily, she expired in front of us. The remainder of our rest day was spent in deep cleaning and disinfecting the hen hoose – hence the fact that the washing machine is still in the garage.

Once I have a handle on the laundry process I very much wish to get some spinning done as I feel obliged to produce some skeins for the Show. Show Day is looming – far too quickly! I have yet to arrange photo prints and think I should most likely be doing that this evening or they will fail to get here in time. And I want to knit. Oh, how I need to knit! I must organise myself in this new space that I have and make it easier for me to simply pick up a project and work on it. I feel quite sad at the prospect of having no knitting entries this year.

What? The floor? You want to know about the floor? Well, it is lovely, of course. Mr L is dissatisfied with her his handwork but I am thrilled. The utility room in particular looks fabulous. I am reticent to do “after” shots really as so much work remains to be done and with such scruffy walls, how could I ever make the floor look pretty? OK. I can try perhaps when the sun comes out again. If ever.


This morning’s overcast conditions have now evolved into teeming rain. Good word that, teeming.

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