White Rabbits

Without question, the meter is now ticking. Either that or there is a crocodile behind me.

If I am to get to the Show on Friday I really must get through an enormous quantity of work. Despite being busy all day today I seem to have made little forward progress. I have however got down to the wooden surface of my desk, so there’s a thing. Unfortunately, I do have to waste time doing some eBay listings to sell items that were not sold at the weekend. This is the biggest of PITAs. Not least because of the fees incurred at eBay and PayPal but mainly because the process is so slow.  I shall be taking photos, ticking boxes and writing listings for much of tomorrow when I really should be clearing Craft materials from shelves and putting out freshly-washed kitchen gadgets instead.

You know  what… I think I really am going to have to skip the Show this time. That makes me sad indeed.

Our new saucepan set arrived today. I am about to go and give it a home in Vincent’s galley drawers. At least I will be able to claim that I have started packing!

Sorry, I cannot stay and chat. Too much to do and way too little time.

Yorkshire Day tomorrow!


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  1. J J Ross
    July 31, 2017

    I like the illustrations. Jx

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