I just put the batteries into 2009, folks. Please enjoy it responsibly. It’s all shiny and new – don’t break it.

No resolutions, no promises. This year will no doubt closely resemble the last. We just place one foot in front of the other until we reach the end, and hope that we don’t accrue too many disasters along the way.

All that we really need is to be still all here together at the end of the year, hale and hearty.

2009 for me will be the year of The Great Stash Bust. Genuinely “more of the same” only with Reduced Expenditure. The Rayburn is refusing to light. This may be A Sign – one with several large £’s on it, for sure.

Personal challenges might include:

  • completing a toe up sock that fits
  • knitting a sideways sock
  • finishing (lol – starting!) Mr L’s sweater
  • and one beeyootiful Girasole to show off

What will 2009 hold for you?