Knitting Roundup Week 01/09

Time for a knitting roundup post, I do believe.

Completion plans for December failed to materialise into sensible outcomes. If we remind ourselves…

UFOs scheduled for completion:

  1. Mr plumbum’s desk mitts
  2. His so-called scarf
  3. Ingrid
  4. BSJ
  5. Rainbow Swallowtail
  6. Down Among The Dunes

Not necessarily in that order. Possibly concurrently. Also possibly concurrent with a new project. Or two.

ETA: Xmas.

What actually happened was:

  1. Mr plumbum’s desk mitts – knitted but no ends sewn in yet
  2. His so-called scarf – completed, gifted, and worn
  3. Ingrid – only a little progress made
  4. BSJ – no progress
  5. Rainbow Swallowtail – no progress
  6. Down Among The Dunes – no progress
  7. Private Comfort (Earl Grey socks) – additional one and a half knitted
  8. Water Socks – additional one and a half knitted
  9. Ren̩ (Rivolo Scarf) Рadditional completed
  10. Spiraluscious mitts – additional started and suspended

Redrawing the “for completion list” for (let’s say) January/February/March:

  1. Mr plumbum’s desk mitts to sew up
  2. Water Socks done 4/1/09
  3. Earl Grey Socks * live 4/1/09
  4. Ingrid
  5. BSJ
  6. Rainbow Swallowtail
  7. Bayret beret
  8. Thorfinn socks
  9. Warning! socks
  10. Down Among The Dunes
  11. Mingus socks
  12. Petra-fied handwarmers

I reckon the first five can be knocked off pretty quickly. I might even get as far as number eight in the short term. I’ll no doubt change the order as whim dictates. We’ll see.

Cast-ons envisaged:

  1. Mr plumbum’s sweater
  2. Girasole shawl

No. Really. I am allowing myself only those two until I have my WIPs under control. Once all started socks are finished I shall probably allow some concurrent sockage, as I have a stash to work through. But nothing more significant than that.

After March, I shall consider what to knit for The Show, and get stuck in to that in good time.

René is soaking, ready to be blocked today. I shall pick up the Water socks as soon as the blocking is done. I see no reason why I cannot complete both those and the Earl Grey’s by the end of the weekend.