Wipping, wipping, wipping

Things to see!

1 – Mood Socks in progress, 50% done – which means one whole sock to see.

I’m pleased with this and looking forward to having a pair done but I have something else that I need to be doing for the next few days.

2 – One Ruffled Shawl, a WIP in name only, as I have some final finishing to do. Here it is on the blocking mats

Far more pleased with this than I ever expected to be. More details on Friday.

3 – a new project. I’m allowed this one as it is a test knit and a prior committment. Oh, yes – I know an escape clause when I see one.

This is Romi’s Asterope shawl. I am testing the written instructions for the large size. Yarn is from 100Purewool.com and is a Merino laceweight. Looks more subtle than in this photo. Charts A, B and C completed. D and E to go, plus a crochet cast off.

4 – some weaving I was working on at Spinning Group this morning

Just a scarf – using Sirdar YoYo as warp and weft.

That’s your lot for today — I need to get back to my Asterope.

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