WIPpie yi Ohhhhh

It’s WIP Wednesday, folks – and there is plenty of WIP-age in these here parts.

The Colourmart Lovers competition closed yesterday at 5pm ((There will be a write-up soon, in the form of a new page up there ^)), leaving me with three projects uncompleted; one of these I regard as formally in hibernation now, the remaining two are WIPs for completion in the shorter term.

The JubileeSnowbird Cardigan is nearing the end. It is a simple knit, but physically difficult to work with – it will require three or four days work to complete it. Can you tell what it is yet?

About waist length now, heading for mid-thigh

Sugar Plum Fairy, my Cecchetti sweater needs about the same amount of time spent on it as the short row sleeve caps are slow and awkward for me for some reason. It  looks promising, just needs me to steel myself for those short rows.

Mostly 'armless

The most important WIP at present is the Teardrop stole, I Always Cry at Weddings – no up-to-date photo, sorry. I’ll be picking this up for an intensive 3 days or so from this evening, and romping to the finish. No other knitting allowed until it is completed.

It has become something of a slog

This is a shame, as I have this newly cast on project that began life last night… Scallops at a Gallop is my version of the Coquille shawl from the latest edition of Knitty. I am making it in Mini Mochi, in the Blossom colourway.


The yarn came from Hulu Crafts at a rather attractive price and will make an equally attractive shawl. It’s looking good so far anyway…

Wonderful colours

The yarn is beautifully soft. It is a most unusual sock yarn, being a soft spun single with 20% nylon and 80% Merino. Apparently it will can felt…

I purchased 4 balls, so that I can make the large size ((I need more – got to try some socks in this yarn…)). It’s for me, and there is absolutely no point in pratting about with small shawls/scarves when you live in Orkney! One ball down, three to go.

So, that’s the current WIP situation. I have far too many WIPs and UFOs, so I am having another UFO-busting month in August. I’ll be sorting out the hit list soon but I do know that I hope to make the second Tribute sock as my first target, I’d like to see that pair of socks in this year’s Show (Aug 6th!)

It all seems so long ago...

Not much work to do then :-}

In Other News: – the hen hoose arrived this afternoon. I have to go create a new blog now. It doesn’t exist yet, but you will be able to find it at http://www.poultry.sanday.org.uk some time soon.