WIPped Icing

A new project that I started on Friday on a whim, propelled  by the need to rest a while from the HAP edging…

This project makes me very happy indeed. We are past the mid-point and it seems likely that we will see this scarf again this week –  so long as it dries in time for beauty shots.

The colour in the photograph is not good – the yarn (Knit Picks Shimmer in Fennel) is much greener than it appears here.

  • Joshaqan sock – no progress since last Wednesday
  • Senneh sock — queuing still behind Joshaqan
  • Hap shawl – edging still poised to turn the second corner
  • Orange Pencil Roving – barely made progress at the weekend
  • Corriedale/Romney – ditto
  • Red swirly thing – glaring balefully at me from its place in the UFO heap

I need to ply the orange thing as Gill wants the Traveler to play with for a while so… I’ll take it to spinning group today instead of the raw fleece spinning that I had hoped to be doing at the demo. I shall most likely put both wheels in the car, so I have both projects to hand.

We’ve had a Cake Disaster – the result of my trying to be clever yesterday afternoon. I made a kind of chocolate ginger pancake. Would most likely be very good with custard upon it but… sigh.

OK – the coming week has few targets as Super Secret Things are afoot. However:

  1. Ply orange singles
  2. Complete the plying of the Zwartble/Mohair project
  3. Finish Icing
  4. Finish Hap edging
  5. Wash and block Hap and Icing

That’s actually a lot to fit in around the Secret Stuff. I think I can do it — despite being sent to town on Friday (beer supplies are endangered) and classes commencing on Tuesday. (I never learn, do I?)


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