White Rabbits

What, February already? How did that happen? I must have been keeping myself busy…

Here’s January’s obsessions (click for bigness):

Wordle for January 2010 http://www.wordle.net/

The Evenstar swatches are unpinned. I had not expected that blocking would make the choices more difficult.

The Wings of the Dove throw is well under way, and I have reached the centre panel, but doesn’t look like a fast project. The yarn is like twine, and there is much toing and froing in the pattern notes. I took it to bed last night but found it impossible to handle there. Later today I plan to make my own document to knit from, to try and speed things up. In the meantime, I have much work to do and I plan to actually knuckle down to it.

Pictures of the dry swatches later, if the gloom should lift.

Now I shall leave you,  dear reader, and go tippy-toe round the house. We have a bear with a sore head in residence today. Nell is hiding behind the office cupboard. I can’t quite fit in to the remaining space but if I could, I would. Perhaps the bear will feel better once it has been fed on a haggis lunch?

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December Reflections 4: Red

December Reflections 4: Red

Nature is red in tooth and claw and nobody knows this better than a person that shares their life with cats… At 4 am today there was a thud, followed closely by another thud, and another. It sounded curiously like a rather fat cat pouncing on something. “Has Dusty brought some prey in?” The Crooked Man went to investigate. Dusty had indeed brought some prey in and when he saw his dad, he let goContinue readingDecember Reflections 4: Red

In a pickle

In a pickle

Shops are now open to sell anything on their shelves and we are no longer restricted to purchasing whatever some government official has deemed to be “essential”. We popped out to The Shed yesterday as I needed some parcel tape to package up some things that I need to be posting off. We had to hunt, it wasn’t in the Stationery section, but we eventually found it in the DIY area. It’s not of greatContinue readingIn a pickle

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