White Rabbits

What, February already? How did that happen? I must have been keeping myself busy…

Here’s January’s obsessions (click for bigness):

Wordle for January 2010 http://www.wordle.net/

The Evenstar swatches are unpinned. I had not expected that blocking would make the choices more difficult.

The Wings of the Dove throw is well under way, and I have reached the centre panel, but doesn’t look like a fast project. The yarn is like twine, and there is much toing and froing in the pattern notes. I took it to bed last night but found it impossible to handle there. Later today I plan to make my own document to knit from, to try and speed things up. In the meantime, I have much work to do and I plan to actually knuckle down to it.

Pictures of the dry swatches later, if the gloom should lift.

Now I shall leave you,  dear reader, and go tippy-toe round the house. We have a bear with a sore head in residence today. Nell is hiding behind the office cupboard. I can’t quite fit in to the remaining space but if I could, I would. Perhaps the bear will feel better once it has been fed on a haggis lunch?