Where’s my knitting?

Where’s my knitting? I haven’t seen it for ages. I really feel in need of a few hours of quiet needle work.

Yesterday’s sossidge sarnie was fabulous, the best I have had in years. It was Pork, Pear and Black Pudding sossidge, from Donaldson’s of course, and I split the links in half to fry the inside as well as the outside. Yummy.

There will be more sossidges when we go away. Mr L wishes to barbecue some more of the big spicy sossidges that we had on our last trip, if we can find them. He hopes we can do that halfway up Cairngorm. Now that should be interesting. At least there will be no midges.

The solar panel that was tracked as delivered failed to appear yesterday, so Bruni still awaits her upgrade. The problem with the new filler cap was down to user error – it requires a push in addition to a twist – like a medicine bottle. That being resolved, we now have new lockable caps on both fresh water and diesel tanks. The new locks necessitated by the about-to-break-key-that-cannot-be-replaced remain a mystery to me. Mr L keeps explaining the situation but I do not entirely follow. I think it goes like this:

The one key that opens the habitation door and the external lockers and everything bar the driver’s door, is about to fail. We cannot get a new one cut.  New locks have been delivered and fitted to everywhere except the habitation door. A new barrel for the habitation door lock proved to be unsuitable when tried, so a complete new lock is on order though not yet delivered. It is not known if it will fit properly when it does get here. Mr L has been eyeing up the lock on my caravan studio and pondering hijacking it. Luckily I cannot recall where I put the key…

The new locks will make slightly Bruni more secure when we go to parts more populous than we are used to. So that’s a good thing and probably worth the expense in the end, even if that was not the driving force. The solar panel will hopefully produce sufficient extra power for the fridge to extend our reach in warmer weather, delaying the need to go on-site, hook-up and recharge the batteries. What I am wondering just now is, how is Mr L going to get the panel up on to Bruni’s roof? Am I going to be in this equation? I reckon so and I am uncertain how much use I shall be in hefting that thing up there. Anyway, as mentioned, that test of my endurance is now delayed as the panel has not shown up.

This weekend seems to be going on forever. Four days is far too many to have in a weekend. I am all addled as to what the day is and our routine is totally scuppered. I think this may be our first full four-day weekend at home, is it? I’m not certain.  All that I know is that we ate at the pub on a Thursday, when we would normally do that on a Friday (though very rarely) and our Saturday curry did not happen, also we had our normal Sunday brunch on Saturday —  so today is feeling very odd indeed, as Mr L prepares his Chicken Makhani on entirely the wrong day.

Today’s weather is very lovely. How long is it set to last? I need to make a Laundry Plan that facilitates packing sufficient dry underwear. I need to wash late enough that I can produce sufficient quantity of socks and knickers, but not so late that they won’t dry in time. It’s complicated. If we ever go away longer than 10 days I shall need to buy further stocks! That or wash while away, but that is anathema. Holiday = No Work, as far as I am concerned. It’s bad enough to have to cook and do the washing up, I do not intend to spend days in camp site laundry rooms when I could be halfway up a mountain or deep in a forest!

The boss is out, mowing the grass again. Let us hope this is the final cut of the year (it won’t be!) It would be a good day for a barbecue. I wonder if he fancies slinging his marinated chicken fillets on the grill.

We took the opportunity to turn Bruni around as she had to be moved to get the mower out. It makes life a great deal simpler for me when the habitation door is facing the house.

What else? Oh, yes – I finally got back onto the treadmill yesterday! Just briefly but hopefully the inertia is broken now and I shall be back on later and again tomorrow and so on.

I feel in great need of chocolate.

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