Where should I place my X

Oh dear – it has been a while, hasn’t it? I cannot say that I really noticed.

I have been proper poorly. I think perhaps two viruses joined up to attack me. I cannot otherwise explain the progress of my bug as, just as I was feeling a real improvement, I was attacked by new symptoms and a rapid slide downhill. No boring details, just a hope that the worst of it is behind me now and that I shall now perk up rapidly.

There has been little camera action.  The rocket blower arrived

untitled shoot-362

and shifted some of my spots but by no means all of them

I ordered one of these in my planned escalation of potential solutions:

Oooh, whatever is it?
Oooh, whatever is it?
Nope, still not immediately obvious!
Nope, still not immediately obvious!

This nifty little item is not a lollipop but a sticky gel on a stick — not on a jelly stick, that would be going too far. Yes, maybe I remain a little feverish.

It’s a gel stick for sensor cleaning. The basic premise is that the gel picks up the dust because its cling is greater than that of the sensor’s static. The dust is then removed from the gel by applying to to a paper that has even more stick. The gel is thus magically cleaned, to be used again.

Now, if that sounds worryingly nonsensical and hey, just a little dangerous thing to be doing to your sensor, it is worth knowing that this is how the manufacturers do it. Leica have been using a gel stick system to clean sensors before cameras leave the factory for years. I base this on the fact that I saw a video of this the other day (but cannot now find it to share it. Blame the virus and my fevered brow…)

You can probably also tell that I have found time to explore some higher-key shots and the low-tech technique of easy lightboxing, using a sheet of tissue taped to the window. Effective, isn’t it?

Something Different 2015-107

I went to see Gill’s new lambs



By Friday I was feeling well enough to join Mr L in walking down to the village for supper. We strolled around the harbour and back home again and it was very sunny and pleasant and my camera had a good time.

Challenged 2015-107I had a good time too but woke on Saturday morning to a headache and a nose full of sno… oops, sorry, I said no details. Anyway – things got a lot worse and this week has been largely a non-event. I have spent a lot of time in my bed. When I have not been in bed I have mainly been just sitting. Like a pudding. Bleugh.

So, the gel stick has not yet been deployed and I think I may wait a few days until I am no longer likely to be seized by a paroxysm of coughing whilst wrestling with my dusty sensor.

The tiling is all finished and the Aga plinth is on its way. This weekend Mr L will attempt to level the floor where the plinth  is to stand. The he will progress to tiling that area of floor, fitting the plinth (when it gets here) and… (ta, da!) assembling the Aga.

Now, about the forthcoming election. How I wish that we had provision for “None of the Above”.

{Heartfelt rant removed – even though it was the subject of this post. I’m not that brave and my neighbours read this drivel. It’s not easy to show a personal view}

Good lord give me strength. I want to vote but there are no credible options. I am bereft. NONE OF THE ABOVE.

So, what’s the chances of Norway asking for their islands back? I think I’d be happy to go with that…

PS anybody know what day it is? I have just realised that I have no idea whether it is Tuesday  or if it is Wednesday.


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