What shall I do next, then?

We were so lucky with the weather today. It stayed dry and comfortably warm. Even at the time for the final stock judging it did not rain – it is common to judge the Champion of the Yard in a teeming downpour, but not this year.

I thought it was a lovely Show. There were some changes/additions this year – some that make the Show more educational and informative and others that made it, well, more of a Show. Like the beer tent, which this year actually was under canvas and had a bar – an upgrade from the stock trailer of previous years.


What's a Country Show without a Beer Tent?
What’s a Country Show without a Beer Tent?


Some old favourites were back

The ferrets and...
The ferrets and…
...Flower, the skunk
…Flower, the skunk

There were the dog classes, in which my friend Tan rather excelled herself

Dog classes, including this "Best Groomed" class
Dog classes, including this “Best Groomed” class
Tan excelled
Tan excelled

and of course, there was stock-judging

I like this class for Ewoks best of all ;-)
I like this class for Ewoks best of all 😉
Champion of the Yard was this Suffolk ewe
Champion of the Yard was this Suffolk ewe
and Fraser's horse took Reserve (is it a norse or maybe a phony? How can I tell?)
and Fraser’s horse took Reserve (is it a norse or maybe a phony? How can I tell?)

All in all a great day —  and only the one islander was abducted by aliens

Gone, but not forgotten
Gone, but not forgotten

Indoors the story was just as good and although the tables were not stuffed full as they have been in some previous years, they were not exactly sparsely populated as they have been in others either – most classes had a good showing. I just forgot to take photos.

The only indoor shot I did take was this one – remember when I said that it would take a very good wildlife photo to beat my Redpoll? well, it did!

Defeat at the hands of Rod the Ranger
Defeat at the hands of Rod the Ranger

Do click for bigness, it’s a remarkable closeup of one of our summer Swallows – taken by the island’s resident Ranger.

From the six photography classes, I had Best photo, two Firsts, two Seconds and  two Thirds. Unplaced in two classes. I’ve never had Best Photo before, so I am thrilled – though surprised at the shot that won it. I have updated the details on my photo blog.

In the Knitting section I unbelievably took First in every class that I had entered. I also took Best item in Knitting & Crochet and once again was very surprised by the item that won. So was everybody else at the Show. It was an odd judging decision by anyone’s standards.

My skeins took First and Second in their class. I have addressed the the details on the Knitting etc. over at Sanday Spinners.

Finally, but not least, I had a prize in the Baking section on my first attempt – gaining a First for my Granary Loaf. Dog. Two tails.

Quiet a haul and I think my best performance yet, with 15 places from 27 entries.

I was asked by one of the Stewards if I was going to be starting on next year’s entries and I told her that I already had! This only by virtue of the fact that the shawl that I am knitting didn’t make it in time for this year – but, yes, I’ll be back. It’s too much fun not to be.


  1. August 1, 2014

    I’m very proud for you as well, Beth – you travailled through adversity with that baking! Your photography is always striking, so I’m not in the least bit surprised that you did well there, and your knitting…well, I still fondle my gorgeous stole on a regular basis, amazed at its beauty and the generosity and love with which it was created for me. You are one talented woman! xxx

  2. spinninggill
    August 2, 2014

    You came fourth highest in the points haul as well! 🙂 Only beaten by three of the regulars. 🙂

  3. August 2, 2014

    Gill, I got the Most Points trophy one year, early on. It was a peedie silver cup and a stainless steel butter dish, donated by Orkney Angora. Maybe the first year I entered, or the second.

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