What, over already?

I think it is fair to say that we have had better weekends…

The car is not progressing well. One shocker is now fitted and one disc brake is finally off. That’s it. Oh, and the score also includes a broken torque wrench… and the potential purchase of at least one new calliper. Ouch.

Things have been going slightly better in the house than they have in the garage:

  • Inferno: all spun, one more small skein of 3 ply done.
  • Soy silk: one whole packet spun
  • New spinning: another Copperpot roving, Chantilly Lace is on the wheel.
  • ATCs: done, packaged, ready to mail tomorrow – lovely fluffy grey free-form lace alpaca beaded rain clouds…
  • Merope socks: growing again, and sock #2 is 2/3rds down the leg now
  • Sky and Water II: total failure to make progress for 4 days now

I am deferring plying up the remainder of the Inferno until I have made some decisions about what to add in for my arty yarn.

The new roving is not at all “me” – it’s pale pink/white/grey and rather soft and ethereal – a total opposite to inferno. Pink! Me? Wow! but it’s OK, it’s a soft lavender-pink with lilac-ish/bluey tones to it. Not a sickly candy pink at all, and toned down further by the grey and the white – it should be alright. I don’t know what possessed me, but “pink” was on the PS3 Fire colours and I was buying roving anyway… The main trouble is that I have no idea what I shall knit with it so I don’t really know how I want to spin it. IIRC it’s a Merino/Tencel mixture, so there should be some options for the finished yarn, including socks. It might 3ply to a DK weight – if there’s sufficient yardage it might make a nice Gretel (I really must knit one soon.) Maybe if the forthcoming baby is a girl-type baby it could have a pink and grey BSJ…

No. I really have no idea what I am doing. It will be a nice surprise once I figure it out.

The BSJ pattern has arrived and I am itching to cast one on. Must finish the Merope socks and the Alhambra scarf first, though.