Wednesday? Already?

Yes, I know it is Wednesday. There is WIP-page, however there are no photographs and it is all a little dull. Progress is painfully slow – and I have no reason for that. Concentration is all on the commission lace scarves and I begin to worry that I shall be late in delivery. Truly, it is like wading through mud – I knit, but nothing happens. After a week I have just one repeat to show for my efforts.

Today was spinning day. There was much cake. I am still spinning the extra Ashford sliver for my shawl.

Sorry, but that’s it. Life is a little uneventful just now.

Tomorrow I hope to block my Aestlight shawl inthe hope of presenting it as an FO on Friday. If there is sufficient light I’ll take a snap of the current WIP.

Friday is Big Shopping day. Not only that, but we are picking up our new chooks too. FO Friday may therefore happen on Saturday. Then again, it may not — I might be going goose counting instead.

Whatever happens – I’d rather be doing this. I just bought the pattern and am working hard at fighting off temptation to cast it on.


  1. Susan aka paintermom
    November 4, 2010

    I thought that might be what the link was to, as I saw you had faved it on Rav. Maybe you could set up a reward system? Something like so many rows of the damask shawl for every repeat of the lace scarf finished?

    The hat and buttons arrived and both are lovely! Thanks!

    • November 8, 2010

      Glad you liked them, Susan – just donate to p/hop whatever they are worth to you personally.

      As for the Damask.. no, I must resist. There is so much work in the two scarves that I have to do, that I really need to spend all my time on those, or they will never be ready in time. It will take me at least 10 days each and I am wondering why I agreed the price that I did. It’s crazy!

      I know which yarn I shall use for the Damask when I am free to knit it — and I am very excited at the prospect. It’s Beautiful from The Yarn Yard.

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