Um… yum

Now, there must be umpteen undocumented FOs lying about the place, must there not?  I could write one of those up to get me out of this hole…

Yes. The Hap is not yet completed – quite a way from it, in fact. The second corner is heaving into view and I am mightily bored, but sticking in there. I think, had I not peeled my knuckle yesterday when preparing lunch, things might have progressed more quickly yesterday afternoon. I seemed to watch an infeasible amount of rubbish TV on the iPlayer but the shawl stubbornly refused to grow.

I wouldn’t care but… the yarn ball reduces so rapidly, you’d think that evidence might be seen in the edging!

There will be little progress today, as I have to get myself into gear for tomorrow’s Open Studio. Thankfully my headache has gone, after hanging around for a ridiculous four days this week. I feel quite sprightly today – though this is militated against by the gloomy weather. All the same, I feel as though I may manage to shed a few cobwebs today.

Yesterday I made a poster for spinning group’s effort for LovewoolUK week. Maybe we shall have visitors at the Heritage Centre. That would be good. I shall have to come out of self-imposed spinning exile for that one, but thankfully my courses do not start until the following week. I need to start stocking the freezer with lunches for Mr L. Soon.

No. I do not want to talk about the sock. Thank you. We are having time out. Divorce may yet be an option.

It is dark and wet today. I am in full comfort food mode this week and there will be steaming bowls of French Onion Soup on the table at lunch time… topped with cheese-laden garlicky baguette crôutes.

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