Too busy to blog

Really, it has been so busy around here… but none of the activity really seems bloggable. It’s all a bit vanilla-flavoured on the old Windswept Acre right now. I did have stuff to Show & Tell on Tuesday but lacked the time to get around to it – perhaps we can take a peek next week, once things have quietened.

So far this week (in summary):

  • Land Rover Anguish
  • Web site building
  • Cake baking
  • Scarf completion
  • an inch or so of weaving
  • a power cut
  • Knit & Natter preparation, including the aforementioned cakes
  • hula hoops (yes, really)
  • my first-ever stye on my eye (why now?!)
  • hot compresses (see above)
  • much rain and gloom
  • pipe dreams (owning a pub and being self-employed)

The handspun Long Leaves Scarf is not quite all done; Gill wants to see the part where the stitches are dropped, and so I am saving the cast off for the Knit & Natter session on Saturday. Right now, I am casting about for some knitting to do next. I’m still very much on a UFO-busting jag – and for once, I am sticking to it and really enjoying it.

I have just checked my Ravelry notebook, where 18 projects are “hibernating”  – clearly the handspun socks need to be finished next. I will do that today. The demo socks can not be finished as they need to be in various states of completion when we deliver our Magic Socks course in April. I do need to start another pair, at least, of demo socks in the interim but I have loads of time and would like to knock off some more UFOs if I can.

It looks like the candidate following the demo socks in my hibernation pile is  the Pi Blanket. That seems a little unwieldy to take to a cake and coffee do, though. After the Pi comes another Icing scarf – I am not sure that it counts as a UFO. It’s leftover yarn, being deployed in a simple knitting project available for idle moments. I am uncommitted to it and it is all of 2″ long at present. My instincts say to frog and forget – but it is certainly ideal for Saturday. What comes after Icing? Well, it’s my big Jubilee cardigan – also unsuitable for lugging to the Knit & Natter. After that? Aha – the Frosted Fern doiley! I am longing to get around to that.

So, it is a toss up between the somewhat pedestrian and not particularly wanted Icing scarf and the doiley. Possibly the doiley would be a bit hard to tackle in among the throng (I have no chart for it.)

Of course, I could look in the WIPs that I haven’t listed at Ravelry yet (oh, the shame) I could just knit a few hexagons

I need to cogitate a little but I think it’s shaping up like this:

  1. FROG the Icing √
  2. FINISH the handspun socks
  3. KNIT hexagons on Saturday
  4. COMPLETE the Pi in the coming weeks
  5. WORK on the doiley when I need a change of pace
  6. START more demo socks for Ferry Knitting
  7. PRIORITISE: Jubilee, Sugar Plum Fairy, and Aestlight Shetland Shawl for completion

That’s how I feel today. Ask me again tomorrow, or next week, or next month – and I am sure that priorities will have changed. What I do not want to change is my commitment to finishing things off and making some space in my workbasket. I’m feeling quite good about myself right now and do not want to fall from the wagon. If I do feel the need to start something new, I hope to restrict myself to those projects that I have patterns and yarn queued for – and listed under Hibernating projects as “Not Started Yet.” There are seven of those listed right now, plus one shawl that I naughtily began and then forced myself to put away. It’s on hibernation for alll the right reasons and none of the worng ones – lying there as a reward to be taken up when I feel that enough UFOs have been cleared to merit it. I half want to have it made for the end of July but then again, I really had all the fun taken out of things last year and I am not sure that I want to participate this year at all. There are some miserable buggers in this world and I don’t really want to have to deal with them when I am supposed to be enjoying myself.

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