Thou Shall…

Adventures in Tatting, Part 1.

Last night I made forward progress on the tatting. Some mysteries are easier solved with the help of experienced hands…

Tatting practice

From the top:

  • Some chain practice
  • More chain practice, using one coloured thread (this helped a lot) with the white shuttle thread
  • A complete ring – with inadvertent picot
  • Lots of rings, with intentional picots

I managed three rings on that last piece before coming home – the rest I did in the half hour before going to sleep. I really think I had begun to crack the problem by then. So, this morning I became ambitious. This was my first attempt. And this was my second – can you tell what it is yet? It’s one of these (my third attempt was a complete one).


I think the boat came in!

It’s not finished, because I don’t know how to do that – the instructions that I worked from don’t indicate how to attach the tail rings to the body ring. (EDIT: the solution is here)

I am very pleased with this.

Whaddya mean, you never saw a pink fish? Pah, what do you know!