The Weekend

Here it is, The Weekend once more. Mr L is happily ticking off the days, with only 33 days at his desk remaining.

Today he is embattled in the front porch, long used as a rubbish depository since the front door stopped working and carried on as such despite the fitting of new doors. Rubbish now on the bonfire pile and shelves and hooks are coming down. Next we clean the green walls and re-whitewash before laying slate tiles to match the front room. After that we may feel able to welcome folks to the front door rather than the conservatory one! It has only taken us ten years.

I am mostly in the utility room, continuing to sort and tidy and clean. I’ve listed a few items for de-cluttering but there is much yet to do. However, I remain hopeful of seeing some blocking on the counter top before the weekend is over. There may yet be further Knitting Content around here.

Speaking of which, I began stitching some hexapuffs together yesterday.

It's a beginning
It’s a beginning

My original plan was to knit them all first but once it dawned on me that I might well over-knit, having realised that I am knitting at a larger gauge than the pattern calls for, and then added to that fact the knowledge of how daunting it would be to do all the stitching at once, it seems better this way. Yes, if I knit first I can arrange the colours artfully to please myself. Yes, if I sew as I go, the colours will pool according to which balls I am currently  working with. Hey, it is only a blanket. It’s for warmth rather than show so what the heck is wrong with a spot of randomness in my life.

One thing I may do is to wind all the skeins immediately so that I can pick up balls at random and keep the shades distributed that way. Only I de-cluttered my swift… and the traditionally useful husband is busy in the front porch.

Can I say thank you right away to Katie and Liz for offering me their Art yarn? I really do appreciate it. I shall be making a donation to p/hop over the course of this weekend.

ooh, brightness!
ooh, brightness!

LATER: all yarn wound – there is less than I thought there was. Two skeins seem not to “fit” with the other shades, a very vibrant pink and to some lesser extent an electric blue and black one . Naturally these were the two largest skeins at hand, so I cannot see my getting away without using them. Anyway, I now have a  properly organised Project Box for my blanket now, having found a new home for all that cat food that Teddy has been turning his nose up at.

Project properly housed in a new storage box
Project properly housed in a new storage box


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  1. May 30, 2016

    Yarn posted last week some time. Hope it is with you by now.

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