The Sunday Stroll

There has not been time to do anything special for today’s supplement and, as I am devoting most of my attention today to the hero returned, it is unlikely that a real stroll with the camera will take place. There’s no time to surf around and make new discoveries to share with you, so here’s an off-the-wall idea. Would you like to take a stroll along one of my bookcase shelves today? They are newly dusted and restocked and fit for viewing (for a change), though not yet sensibly ordered.

random bookshelf
Let your fingers do the walking...

Click for bigness and readability. Apologies for the noisy image but the flash version obscured some of the titles (come to think on it, maybe just as well…)

While you are doing that, I plan to take stock of the pantry shelves and conjure up a decent dinner for my man.

Blog service may be patchy for a few days while we have an impromptu holiday.