The Soup Rainbow

I have said something about Soup recently – how I am in agreement with Joanna Lumley re: the Green Soup and the Red Soup but that there was also White Soup to be enjoyed. Well, I missed one soup shade out. Today’s soup is to be Orange Soup: I have a Butternut Squash and a Sweet Potato to use up. I shall probably introduce accents of garlic, chilli, ginger and spice but nothing to detract from its gorgeously rich orangey hue, unless I scatter some chopped coriander leaf on top for extra prettiness. There will be cumin-scented flatbreads to dunk.

Red Soup, Orange Soup…. Green Soup…  Could the gaps be filled? Yellow Soup seems not an impossibility – how about using Yellow Peppers and Yellow Courgettes? But Blue, Indigo and Violet soups seem far less appealing. Red Cabbage soup? Ugh?

Here is your challenge for today: suggest a vegetable mix to provide me with a soup at the Blue/Violet end of the spectrum. I’ll test it out if you can suggest something potentially tasty! Getting hold of things like purple potatoes might be difficult in my neck of the woods however.

Fruit “soups” are declared out of bounds. What? yes, you can! I remember making a cherry soup recipe in my A-level  Home Ec days. Of course, it’s just a wet pudding – so that’s why it doesn’t count.

My joints are a little sore this morning after yesterday’s scrambling over the rocky shore. I shall probably go and walk the stiffness off later, with another rubbish bag tucked under my arm. Not any time soon though, as High Tide is imminent. For now it’s a return to the laundry. After the post-holiday big wash I had a brief respite but the laundry bin is now full again. Hope the rain holds off.

You know what? I really need to get some knitting or spinning done and thereby increase the fibre content of this blog. It has been weeks and weeks since I did anything at all productive. I took several projects on the road with me but knitted not one stitch.

The next trip is being planned, perhaps I shall knit then.

Is that not what I said the last time?


  1. April 20, 2016

    For purple soup you want beetroot I think. Is it called borscht in Russia? I’m sure a red cabbage and red onion soup would also work. I always add apple to red cabbage.

    • April 21, 2016

      Mmm, I love braised red cabbage with apple. At one point in my life I made a great deal of Borscht but it definitely leaned towards red (or a ghastly pink with the sour cream added) rather than purple – claret-ish in colour, I would say. The red cabbage is an awkward beast with its colour though – have you ever salted any for pickling? I love that piece of magic!

      So many veg come in purple nowadays – from sweetcorn to carrots. I’m not sure most of them would impart their colour to a soup, although I do wonder about purple spuds and maybe the carrots would carry through too? Purple sprouting, Kohlrabi, Aubergine – none of these would play the game.

  2. […] today, to freeze for taking away with us. In between mixing and kneading I prepared some veg for Orange Soup and had that roasting in the top oven while it was coming up to temperature for the bread. […]

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