The remainder

So, that’s the trip caught up on. The rest went as follows:

  • The sun played ball so I spent a lot of time after we arrived home in pegging out the washing. A LOT of time…
  • Mr L rang the surgery first thing on the Monday morning and was in to see the doctor within fifteen minutes
  • The GP rang the Consultant and Mr L came away from his appointment with his medication plus a hospital appointment for this Thursday
  • Within two days he had written confirmation of that appointment in his hand
  • We love NHS Orkney!
  • Heavy duty steroid treatment appears to be making headway on Mr L’s symptoms and he is beginning to feel perkier
  • We had a barbecue and ate our dinner in the garden.
  • There was a referendum
  • We were gutted. That’s not a phrase that I normally deploy but I cannot think of a better one. Horrified. Aghast. Stunned. Ashamed. Not a little depressed.
  • There was much discussion. Clearly a withdrawal from the EU badly affects our future plans. Everything is now up in the air again.
  • Fundamentally, between illness, loss and referendum despair, I have lost a week or more. Most days I have not wanted to drag myself from my bed. Most evenings I have been unable to contain my impatience to go back and sleep again. I’m working hard to shake off the depression but not successful every day.
  • Mr L spent his weekend mostly working on the van, tackling a list of jobs that we had compiled when we were away.
  • We began to plan for the winter and did a little online shopping for some things that we think we shall be needing.
  • We watched Braveheart to get us in the spirit for the next Indyref. It was a load of old tosh. What a terrible film. That won’t stop me voting Yes for Independence (again) though.
  • We watched Walk the Line (Extended cut)  for some relief. It was an excellent film. At least it got us singing again.
  • We caught up on Game of Thrones. Go, Arya! Attagirl.

Today seems to have been a somewhat better day. Our craft group is on Summer hiatus so there was no spinning/knitting at the Heritage Centre today – I threw out an invitation to come and play in the RV.  It worked really well, we should do it again. With the slideout there is plenty of room and light and the views are terrific. I spent some time watching the Hen Harrier hunting. However, I only produced one Hexapuff all afternoon. Must work harder.

With the puff that I made today, I now have 50 in total… which feels all wrong because I am sure that I had over 50 completed before I went away. I think I may have some stashed away somewhere? Either way, I have  a long way to go  with it and we will be needing it to keep warm this winter. I think perhaps that I should try to get out in the RV every day and do a little work on my blanket. That said, I also need some skeins preparing for the Show, which is coming up fast in the outside lane.

Mr L has been installing Lightroom on the Macbook for me so that I shall be bale to process images when we are away. I’m pleased about that. I miss Lightroom when it is not at hand.

No photos today. Maybe I’ll come up with something later.

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