The End

The end is not yet in sight. We think it may heave into view before too long though.

Work remains on schedule, despite the fact that Mr L is very tired indeed. I think that every joint and muscle that he has must be on fire. Fundamentally, he has spent 6 days on his hands and knees! By the end of this afternoon all of the whole tiles should be in place – and that is probably worth cheering about. Tomorrow he will start cutting tiles and filling in the edges. It remains a possibility that we will choose to finish the utility room once its edges are done but we cannot yet decide whether or not it is most efficient to finish all of a single task at one time or not and should continue with the cutting and edging. We could do with a lift in the weather so that the cutting can be done outside but the forecast is gloomy.

If the finishing tasks go to plan we ought to be able to call the flooring complete by this coming Friday afternoon.

Cooking, eating and washing up in the camper van continues to work out quite well. Today we are having chicken sandwiches for lunch and I have been experimenting with dry frying Paxo in a non-stick pan. It looks a little odd but I am sure that the sarnies will be fine.

Instant coffee has been getting us down but we have managed to almost finish a jar this week, no matter how vile it tastes. When I went shopping this morning I decided to try a different type of coffee and just in case that too is disgusting, I bought a third type from the other shop… I’ve just had a mug of the last and have to say it wasn’t all that bad, though very weak. I await Mr L’s verdict on it.

It’s ironic that our latest delivery of beans arrived this week and is sitting by my desk but we are unable to brew up.

Also delivered this week… 22 plastic storage boxes, boxed in cardboard boxes, from Viking.  They were stacked up in the conservatory yesterday, leaving us unable to access the floor tiles stored in the garage! I had to move the entire delivery outside again. Some of them were for Gill and I put those in the car to deliver to her today. The remainder are now stacked up behind me and will form the basis of my kitchen until such time as we can afford some new cupboards. The emergency knicker supplies are not yet here, though were dispatched from Matalan almost the moment that I ordered them on Monday evening. I have my fingers crossed that they will come today, other wise it will probably be next Wednesday. Who knows, we may even have the washing machine connected before they actually arrive!

I have done a little knitting this week, though just a very little – having made a couple of hexagons whilst keeping an eye on the cooking in the van. I want to spin, though. Jennifer brought me a gift yesterday and I  am now in possession of a nice folding chair to accommodate visitors in my caravan, should I ever get out there to use it. I really do want to make some skeins for the Show and must crack on soon.

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