The Bitter Ends

I have been knitting. I said that I would, and so I have been. Not a lot of knitting, to be sure – I was working on the Colinette throw and as it became every heavier and harder to manage, my knitting bursts grew shorter and shorter.

All done
All done

Am I happy with it? Perhaps not totally. I should have liked it to be larger. Yarn C ran out and A & B were close to running out too. However,  more than one third of the total yarn pack remains. I find that very annoying and  a terrible waste of money.

Too many leftovers
Too many leftovers – 360 grams

What to do about that? I don’t know yet. I may get out the knitter’s loom or possibly I’ll make a funky handspun yarn incorporating some sheepy singles with these textures.

As for the blanket – all that remains now is to sew in the many ends. It will take some time. Then I shall need to wash and block it but I suspect that task may wait now until spring. FO post follows when I have the beauty shots.

  • Puzzle week did not go terribly well and we finished with 39 points in 46th place, with 11 of 20 puzzles solved. 166 scoring teams on the leader board of 196 teams registered.
  • Brunhilde’s solar panel suffered several setback but was finally glued on today
  • Storm Abigail turned out to be all bluff and bluster
  • Mr L has been converted to Hummus! I made some the other day and he tucked in heartily, declaring it to be better than any Hummus he had before.  Yay!
  • I have a Milk Roll loaf in the oven for our tea. Hope it turns out OK.
  • Yes, the holiday blogging still needs to be done
  • So do my December photos for the Orkney Camera Club and I am fast running out of time for that!

I will be sewing in ends for a while, then I hope to get a move on with my Warriston smock. I may just finish a scarf thing that I am working on first. I’ll see how I feel.

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